What is PechaKucha?

Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat”, it rests on a presentation format that is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. It’s a format that makes presentations concise and keeps things moving at a rapid pace.

Each PK is its own story and each storyteller has their own reason (and way) of doing it. In many ways, it is like ‘meter’ in a song or poem. It just gives you a limitation to spur creativity, brevity, and flow. Or not. Here is a TedX on one man’s reason.

A Brief History of PechaKucha

PechaKucha Night was devised in Tokyo in February 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public.  By 2012 PechaKucha Night grew to over 470 cities.  PechaKucha Night Grand Rapids launched in October 2011 at Stella’s Lounge as the 428th city worldwide, gathering at least four times per year.

How do you Pronounce PechaKucha?

f you want to get into a debate, ask any of the thousands of people around the world who have done this, ‘how is Pecha Kucha pronounced?’. There is a myth that it means ‘chit chat’ and, therefore, you should just be able to get out your Google translator will quickly dash all hope at solving the controversy. ‘Chit Chat’ is pronounced, チャットチャット or ‘Chattochatto’. Pecha and Kucha are not Japanese words.

Another myth is that ‘pecha kucha’ (when pronounced p-CHAH k-chah) is the mechanical sound of a Kodak Carousel Projector as it changes telling the presenter to move on. This is a great theory but the German originators tell us it is not true.

Here is a funny YouTube link that thinks it has the answer but you may want to know that the originators of this artform are German Architects and they aren’t about to get into the fray as they don’t want to be accused of being, well, German. Or even Yiddish… petchotch·ke – pˈə CHäCHkə/ to which we reply, ‘gesundheit!’

And, of course, who can doubt the muppets…?

Ok. We can. If you google or YouTube this, you will find that pronouncing this is ‘a thing’ but we like people to pronounce it any way they damn well please, or just say, ‘PK’!

Our Mission

To create a place in West Michigan where people with diverse backgrounds are united to share their passions, inspire, and energize the community.

Our Priorities

  • Provide an entertaining experience for our audience
  • Highlight talent and diversity in West Michigan
  • Foster connections in the (creative) community
  • Offer a platform for provocative subject matter
  • Do good things for West Michigan
  • Support the energy and spirit of PechaKucha

To Connect

The PK Global Site
PKGR YouTube

Let us know if you’d like to present at Pecha Kucha Night GR


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