Speaker Application

PKGR Speaker Application
This is the information we will need in order to welcome you to our stage!

1. Contact Information:

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Phone Number:
  • Twitter Handle (optional):
  • Website (optional):
  • Facebook (optional):

2. Proposed Topic:

3. Title of Presentation:

4. What category does your presentation fall into:
(Check all that apply)

☐ Personal story               ☐ Education on a topic
☐ My Passion                      ☐ Entertainment/Humorous
☐ Creative Sharing           ☐ Wild Card

5. Description: Please share with us a brief description of your proposed topic, include information about why you wish to share it, what you hope the audience will gain from it, why you chose Pecha Kucha as an appropriate avenue.



6. Brief Bio: (should include some connection as to why you are qualified to present on this topic)



Please send this information through our contact link.

After receipt and review of your application someone from our recruitment team will be back in touch. We greatly appreciate your interest in presenting at PechaKucha GR!

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