Preparing for your PK!

PKGR7_1816You’ve been invited to present at PechaKucha Night Grand Rapids! Your involvement creates a dialog and connections that get people talking. We appreciate you sharing your passion and doing it in this fast-paced, fun format. Please check out this document for event information, important dates, and file formatting requirements.  Pecha Kucha is 20 slides X 20 seconds each for a presentation of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.  That means if you’re struggling, don’t worry because it’ll be done quick and conversely, it’s SO easy to end on a high with a very engaged audience.

The PK Timeline

  • One month before your PK: Send us your bio and a simple headshot or title slide -– who are you?  We use this for promoting the event and determining the order of presenters.
  • Three weeks before your PK: Send us the title of your presentation – what it’s about
  • Two weeks before your PK:  You should have your presentation or outline basically ready by this time.
  • One week before your PK: You must send your finished slides to us in order to guarantee your spot on the Grand Rapids PechaKucha stage!

Slide Guidelines

Keep your slides/images simple!

Remember, what’s really important is your story!

Doing your first PK can seem pretty tough, after all you’re doing something with a timer and have a specific number of slides. Your slides may back-up your story, but most presenters have the audience glued to their words, not the images.  We recommend that you not try to narrate the specific images unless you plan to practice it over and over again.  Once the timing is off, you’re going to find it VERY hard to get back on track.  Instead, consider having a presentation of words ready while images that back-up the whole presentation play behind you!

Headlines or simple single-line phrases work best (or don’t use any text at all). If you have too much text, people will half read the text on the screen and half listen to you, causing them to become un-engaged.

 It is VERY important to label your slides properly if you need them to play in order while you’re on stage, so please follow the instructions below and let us know if you have any questions or problems.

Formatting Slides

Powerpoint “Save As” settings .

Create your slides by either sending us 20 images at least 1920px by 1080px, send us a PDF, or create them in presentation software.

  1. All images should be JPEG format (size: 1920px by 1080px).To convert Powerpoint presentations to jpg
    Choose File > Save As > JPG
    To convert Keynote
    presentations to jpg
    Choose Share  > Export > Image > JPG
  2. Keep your images around 2MB each.
  3. Label files in order as (XX = your initials):
    XX_001.jpg, XX_002.jpg, XX_003.jpg, XX_004.jpg, XX_005.jpg, XX_006.jpg, XX_007.jpg, XX_008.jpg, XX_009.jpg, XX_010.jpg, XX_011.jpg, XX_012.jpg, XX_013.jpg, XX_014.jpg, XX_015.jpg, XX_016.jpg, XX_017.jpg, XX_018.jpg, XX_019.jpg, XX_020.jpg

    If you do not label your sides correctly, they will not play in order!  We will do our best to help correct this but don’t hesitate to reach out for help!

  4. Zip/Compress the files and email them to us at
    If you do not receive verification within two days, please check to verify we have your presentation!

The Night of the Event


Arrive 1 hour early to…

  • Get a good table for your family and friends
  • Check out the stage and situation.
  • Grab a bite to eat while at the venue. It supports their business.
  • Meet the organizers and the other presenters, and mix and mingle before we start.


  • The presentation screen will change to a slide with “Your Name” on it.
  • Once the emcee introduces you, they will welcome you to the stage.
  • Once you say “Go” we will advance to your first timed slide.
  • The presentation will auto-advance every 20 seconds until your last slide is complete. Then the screen will change to a “Thank You” and you will exit the stage.


  • Don’t go home… Stay for other presenters if you are first, they supported you.
  • Scan the room to see how you’ve done. Someone may be trying to catch your gaze, someone may have an opportunity for you, someone may want to buy you a beer etc. You’ve talked to the audience; give them a chance to respond.

Have fun; remember that you only have 400 seconds on stage. (That’s 6 minutes and 40 seconds or 20 slides X 20 seconds each)!


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